Nanny & Babysitter FAQ

Is Our Nanny an agency?

No. We are an online childcare job site; we are an easy way for Nannies, Babysitters and Mother’s Helpers to find jobs.

We do not set hourly rates, screen, book jobs or take a cut of your wage. For more information refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

Once I have joined the Our Nanny site how do I get work?

There are two ways for this to happen. Firstly you are able to respond/apply to any job that is posted on the site.

Secondly, parents will send you a direct email offering you work. So all you need to do is check your emails regularly for messages from Our Nanny.

You also need to ensure you keep your account active by regularly updating your profile (ie, log on weekly to update availability etc).

How often should I log onto the site?

The more you log into the Our Nanny site the better. The most recently updated profiles will be displayed at the top of the webpage for their suburb.

Parents will look favourably at carers who respond to them promptly so we recommend that you check and update your profile on a weekly basis.

Each profile states when it was last updated therefore it is very important to continue to maintain an updated profile.

What is the definition of each type of carer?

The following definitions have been used in order to differentiate between types of carers. Please note that these definitions have been used by Our Nanny to assist members of our site in selecting the right match.

  • Babysitters – casual (not the same hours each week)
  • Nannies – (part time, full time or live-in, hours typically the same each week)
  • Mothers Helper – (has their own children, who accompany them to your home for a reduced hourly rate)

There is always a very high demand for part-time nannies and before/after school nannies.

What sort of work is available?

Before School, Day Time, After School, Evening and Weekend work. Anytime you are available and when families need you.

By selecting the type of work your interested in, it will help match your needs with the right family.

How do I change my profile details?

Simply log into your account with your username and password and it will bring you to your account home page. Select ‘edit’ and amend the relevant fields then click save. Your profile will then be saved.

My profile is invisible – what does this mean?

It is a setting we have incorporated into our profiles so that if you go on holidays or have plenty of work you can make it invisible so that parents won’t contact you.

Our Nanny may also set your account to ‘invisible’ if you have not logged in or updated your details in more then 3 weeks. This is to ensure that parents are contacting carers who are still looking for work.

When you’re ready for more work you simply need to click the ‘make me visible’ button.

What is a registered carer?

This is when you are registered with the Family Assistance Office. Some families may be entitled to claim a benefit if they used ‘registered care’.

In order to become a registered carer you must meet certain requirements (be 18+, have a Tax File Number and meet any licensing requirements in your state).

For more information call the Family Assistance Office 13 61 50 or visit

Will my personal details be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Our Nanny never displays any of your information except for first name and suburb on our site. We also never give any of your information to third parties.

All emails are sent via the Our Nanny website so unless you choose to give parents your private information it will be kept secure and safe.

What Qualifications or Certificates do most families require me to have? This differs from state to state so make sure you check the legislation in your state.

However the most sought after evidence is a First Aid/CPR certificate, Police Check, Blue Card (Working with Children), and references.

Some families also prefer if you are studying early childhood, psychology or a child related course.

Can I meet the family before I start work?

We recommend that all Carers and Parents interview each other on the phone and in person prior to booking your first job. This way you will have a good feel for the family and their children.

Do I need to have a driver’s license and car?

No, this is not essential. Some parents will require you to have a drivers license and own vehicle if kindy/school drop offs etc are needed, othere may want you to have a drivers license but you will have access to their vehicle and others won’t require either.

How many families can I work for?

It’s completely up to you. Typically most nannies have between 4 and 10 families on their books, often on a rotating roster.

Most of the time 2-3 families will fill a nannies week and the rest casually over the weekend.