Parents FAQ

How is different to an agency?

Our Nanny is an online childcare job site. Our membership allows you to directly contact all Nannies and Babysitters in your area.

As we are not an agency we do not screen carers, recommend carers or make bookings. We have dedicated a section of our site to safety and by following the checklists provided you are able to screen all carers yourself and we believe it is a very effective process.

By setting it up this way we do not need to charge you any agency fees, overheads, commissions or cancellations costs that an agency would.

Does Our Nanny screen carers?

Our Nanny does not screen carers. Our nanny is merely an introductory service. We recommend that parents should always do their own screening of carers that they hope to employ. For tips see our family safety section.

How much should I pay?

Each nanny will have an expected individual hourly rate visible on their profile. These rates usually differ depending on experience, qualifications, duties, your location and typically range from $15/hour – $35/hour.

You are welcome to negotiate rates, however industry rates and market demand should be kept in mind. Hourly rates should be ‘gross’ if hired casually as carers will take their tax out of this amount, therefore expect to pay a higher hourly rate as you are not required to pay extra entitlements such as annual leave, holiday leave or sick leave.

What quality control is in place?

Our Nanny takes privacy and safety very seriously. Our site is constantly being monitored however if there is something you specifically want checked please email our team at and they will follow this up.

We also have a quarterly feedback survey, which is sent out to all members and nannies to ensure that quality standards are upheld.

We also ensure nannies regularly update their profile. Our Nanny will suspend a profile if it has not been updated for more than 3 weeks.

This ensures the list of nannies is as accurate as possible.

When carers contact me, where are the emails sent?

All email notifications are sent directly to your personal account via the Our Nanny site. This ensures all private emails are kept confidential.

There will be a link in the email that will take you to the Our Nanny site, will prompt you to log in and you will then be able to view the email message from the parent or carer.

All received emails will be stored in your Our Nanny account inbox and sent emails in your outbox.

What can I do if carers don’t respond or fail to turn up?

Unfortunately like in all industries there are some people who won’t honour their commitments so there is no guarantee that emails or interviews will be upheld.

Ideally we would like every carer to respond to all emails and attend every interview however we all know this isn’t always case.

We recommend that you call the carer, or have them call you the night before your interview to ensure that both parties are prepared. In our safety section we have a list we recommend you follow.

If you are at all concerned about a carer on the site don’t hesitate to email

Am I guaranteed to find a Nanny, Babysitter or Mothers Helper?

No, we do not guarantee that you will find a carer. However we believe that there is a very good chance you will.

Saying this, as a limited offer special for the first month from our launch date we are offering FREE membership on a 3 month membership deal. This will give you added peace of mind while the Our Nanny name gets out there.

We cannot guarantee that you will find the right person for your family with short notice or unusual hours within the first few weeks however we believe that within 3–4 weeks you will have found the right person for your family.

Are my personal details kept confidential?

Absolutely. Our Nanny does not give any of your personal information to anyone. Your details are highly confidential.

Your profile on Our Nanny only displays your first name and your suburb, so your personal details are not shown.

Once you have shortlisted your preferred carers it is your choice when and if you give out your personal details, so until then all communication is done through the Our Nanny site.

If I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?

First of all it is important that you check that your email address and password is entered correctly. If you have only just become a member and submitted payment you will receive an email immediately. There will also be a link directing you straight to your profile on the Our Nanny site.

You should then be able to log in. If you are still have technical difficulties and have not received an email with an hour please email us at and our tech team will follow it up immediately.

If you have forgotten your password, simple click on the “forgot your password” link located under the log in box or send us an email at

Our Nanny will then send you an email reminding you of your password.

Why are Tasmania and South Australia unable to use Our Nanny?

In South Australia, the Children’s Services Act of 1985 defines our service as a “babysitting agency”.

This requires us to interview ever candidate, check paperwork and record every babysitting appointment. If we did this Our Nanny wouldn’t be an affordable internet-based, introduction site. There is a similar legislation in Tasmania, which also prevents our service from operating.

Unfortunately, until these legislations are reviewed and updated, Our Nanny cannot operate in both South Australia and Tasmania.

How soon can I get started?

Once you register and have received your confirmation email you can log on and start searching immediately.

You can do it all at your own pace, without the worry of missing agency calls or going to appointments. You can find the right nanny, babysitter or mothers helper at the click of a button.

If you experience technical difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact us.