Parents: How Our Nanny Works

Our Nanny is an online introduction site for childcare jobs. Its primary function is to help Families, Nannies, Babysitters and Mother’s Helpers connect.

Our Nanny is a very cost effective, time saving, easy to use website that will allow you to find a suitable carer for your children.

The following six easy steps will get you on your way to finding that perfect person.

Join Online

You will have immediate access to all the carers on our site. This includes before/after school, daytime, evening and also weekend carers.

Make Your Profile

This will be displayed for all the Nannies, Babysitters and Mother’s Helper to see. It will include what days you need help, what you’re willing to pay, a brief description of your family and what qualifications/certificates you wish the candidate to have.

Start Searching

Simply enter your postcode and all the available Nannies, Babysitters and Mother’s Helpers in your area will appear.

You have the option of conducting an advanced search, which allows you to choose specific criteria.

Send Emails

Begin sending emails to any Babysitter, Nanny or Mother’s Helper whom you think would suit your family.

We suggest you send between 5 – 15 emails with most responses received within the week.

Keep in mind that the average response rate is approximately 50%.

Get Notified

Emails will be sent straight to your personal email address via the Our Nanny site when a Nanny, Babysitter or Mother’s Helper has contacted you.

A notification email may also be sent to you when a carer joins in your local area matching your criteria.

Simply set this up by clicking on the ‘notifications’ tab and follow the prompts.


Conduct telephone screenings and in person interviews, ensuring you check all paperwork (certificates – ensure they are the originals) and reference checks. See our safety section, which includes a checklist we recommend you follow.

Now that you have found a carer or carers through the Our Nanny site our work is done.

The Babysitter, Nanny or Mother’s Helper is now yours. There is no ‘middle man’ and definitely no ongoing agency fees.

We hope that the Nanny, Babysitter or Mother’s Helper that you have chosen is everything you hoped for and more.

If you know anyone looking for a Nanny, Babysitter or Mother’s Helper please be sure to tell them, “’Our Nanny’ helped us”.

You’ll probably have to explain that ‘Our Nanny’ is a website rather than your actual nanny being swarmed with people asking for help!