Child and Family Safety

Making The First Contact

It is highly recommended that you do not give out any personal information including email address, home address or phone number until the following steps have taken place through the site email function.

  • Ensure that the nanny/babysitter has at least 2 contactable references from previous babysitting or nanny work
  • Discuss other similar roles the nanny/babysitter has had
  • Confirm availability/Hourly Rate
  • Discuss their driving experience (if applicable)
  • If your home has a pool discuss swimming abilities of the babysitter/nanny
  • If you suspect that a member of the site may have negative intentions please report to so the matter can be dealt with properly and with significant urgency

Meeting Nannies & Babysitters

Only once you have shortlisted possible candidates for your advertised position and require them to attend an interview should you give out your private email address, home address and phone number.

  • Ensure you speak on the phone at least once prior to the interview to confirm date, time etc (this also gives you a good feel for how the person responds etc)
  • Let the nanny/babysitter know who will be present in your home at the time of their interview (include your children’s names if they don’t already know this).
  • Discuss exactly what you’d like them to bring (CV, copies of all documents, Drivers License etc).
  • For the nanny/babysitters peace of mind, give them a rough idea of how long you expect the interview to go for (some parents like to talk for 15mins, while others like for the nanny/babysitter to stay longer to see how their children interact with the nanny/babysitter).
  • Let your children interact with the nanny and ensure they get to know each other. After all, your child should be the one to ultimately choose the nanny.

Ongoing Safety

Now you’ve now chosen your nanny/babysitter it is essential the following steps take place to ensure an easy transition for your children and newest member of your family.

  • Ensure the nanny/babysitting arrives 30 minutes – 1 hour prior to you leaving on their first day (this gives the children a chance to settle and feel comfortable before you leave).
  • Discuss expectations that you have for your babysitter/nanny. Tidying while the children are asleep, food consumption within your home, trips to the park, bedtime, food allergies, bath time, illness, child’s soothing methods etc.
  • Have regular chats about how everything is going, bring up any concerns, things you’re happy with etc (build the relationship so that the nanny/babysitter feels safe and comfortable in your home).
  • Ensure your nanny knows where all your emergency contact numbers are including doctors numbers, mobile phone numbers, ambulance numbers etc. It is also very important that your nanny knows where your first aid kit and children medicine etc.