Welcome to Our Nanny

Ournanny.com.au was born out of the philosophy that being a parent is the most important job in the world, and when you cannot be there or simply need a break, we are here to provide access to Nannies and Babysitters in your neighbourhood, at your price, on your terms.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have someone at home looking after the kids, having everything in order (baths, homework etc) and having dinner on the table for when you get home?

Ever thought how nice it would be to come home and spend quality time with your kids without all the tedious jobs needing to be done?

With a Nanny or Babysitter you have the flexibility of screening the Nannies and Babysitters (using our helpful guide) at a time and pace that suits your busy lifestyle, setting the hours (before/after school, daytime, evenings or weekends), the type of care (nanny, babysitter, live-in or mothers helper), the hourly rate, the expectations and the interaction level.

Your personal details also stay safe, as contact is made directly through the ournanny.com.au site, so you choose if and when your details are shared.

Having the flexibility of a Nanny or Babysitter alleviates the stress when you’re at work and that last minute job pops up. It’s only a phone call away to ask your nanny or babysitter to stay back without having to stress that day care will close at a certain time.

Although the need for a nanny or babysitter differs among households, ournanny.com.au spots one similarity. This being the importance of finding someone you trust, who is reliable, has a genuine love of children and that is willing to become a part of your family, not just someone who is there to help.

Ournanny.com.au believes this to be of the utter most importance.

A section on the site has been dedicated to nanny and family safety, which includes everything from the first point of contact on the site, the first time meeting in person and the ongoing safety between families and their Nanny or Babysitter.

As an added benefit you will find ournanny.com.au has provided information regarding Government rebates associated with childcare.

This will further assist families in understanding what they are entitled to and assist in reducing their costs.

Ournanny.com.au prides itself in having an easy to use, cost effective site for the people of Australia to take advantage of.

We hope to have answered the many questions everyday Australians wonder about what they are entitled to and provide extra overall protection for our children by parents knowing the best ways to screen, process and assess the applying nannies and babysitters.

We hope that ournanny.com.au has the answers you are looking for. Contact us for further information or join now – it’s free.